IB Group’s Partnership Farming Performance:
North India Operations Took A Lead

Expands it’s Integration Operations in Ten States of India

To make the IB Group stronger in North zone, a business meeting of Zone Group Heads with teams of Poultry Breeders & farmers, assembled from all Haryana zones for healthy discussion of their day today’s working under the initiation of Marketing Head (North India Operations) of IB Group, Ricky Thaper & expertise comments and discussion under the guidelines of Dr. Mangesh Bhure was concluded in a local resort in Hisar recently.

Mr. Ricky Thaper with IB Partnership Farming Team from Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana
The purpose of the meeting was to get first hand information from the IB Group’s new hands in the shape of Poultry Breeders, Farmers who are dedicatedly working in their respective zones and creating an awareness of good atmosphere in the poultry segment respectively.

However, it was observed that the farmers were not only getting their targets achieved rather they were saving their feed quota and getting good results with minimum FCR and producing excellent results of broiler meat.
While talking to the performance of North Zone segment of IB Group; Dr. Bhure said, “Farmers in North Zone are laborious as well as dedicated towards their job which pays the IB Group magnificently. You can just imagine the workmanship of these farmers as we started in May 2014 with just 80,000 and in the span of seven odd months, we reached at 1.6 million figure. Still we are targeting 2.0 million from this segment.”

Dr. Bhure further disclosed that Integrators farmers with bigger capacity are getting Hatching Eggs from IB-Ross directly and the Group is taking buy-back under their policy arrangement with these integrators. “In North India zone, the FCR Raito is 1.725 with 2 kg live bird weight; where as we are getting top status of 1.48 with an average of 1.557 and in few cases it is below 1.62 and farmers are getting Rupees five per kg as special calculation for their achievements,” he added.

The Marketing Head of IB Group (North India Operations), Ricky Thaper was also having some good news for the farmers as they all were working under a family system and seriously catching their targets, seemed to be a good opening for the Group. Giving details, Mr. Thaper said, “Happy to announce the placement of four lacs chicks per week with five Customer Hatchery Units under operation.”
Giving detailed information of some of the additional activities besides integration and hatching among the poultry farmers under the zone areas; Mr. Thaper said, “Traders in the market are fully satisfied and happy with IB Ross and appreciating the quality of the meat produced by North Zone farmers and on the contrary, farmers are happy as they are getting more & more money for their 35-days hard labour in making this poultry business a fruitful business now.”

The Marketing Head of North India Operations also disclosed that in winter season the Group had distributed Heaters, Gas Brooders and Diesel heaters to their farmers on interest free loans to make their units upgraded in all respect. Mr. Thaper also told that in the coming summer season, we had already offered those Foggers & Fans on the same pattern in which it was already distributed in winter season.

Mr. Thaper further added that they were also supplying IB-Ross Hatching Eggs to some of the other Integrators and farmers with bigger capacity farms. Recently IB Group has also started IB Ross Parent Stock Partnership Farming (Integration) where we were supplying IB Ross parents, feed and technical service by Dr. Pushpraj (based in Panipat) and shall buy back IB Ross hatching eggs from those breeders who were entering into IB Ross Parent Stock Partnership Farming (Integration) agreement with IB Group. Dr. CR Behl, Vice President, IB Group is looking after the sales of IB Ross parents in India.

Mr. Thaper also stated that IB Ross meat percentage is five percent excess and traders of Gazipur Mandi demands for IB Ross birds for boneless transactions in which they get six to seven percentage extra broiler meat as compared to others. Poultry Traders in the market are fully satisfied and happy with IB Ross (with 6-8% extra dressed meat percentage) and appreciating the quality of the meat produced by the farmers. Poultry farmers attached to IB Partnership Farming are also happy as they are getting more money for their 35 days hard labor in making this poultry business a fruitful business now.

Regarding the performance of IB Ross broilers at poultry farms attached to IB Partnership Farming in North Zone, Mr. Ricky Thaper said, “Farmers in North Zone are very dedicated towards their work. You can just imagine the hard work by these farmers as we started IB Partnership Farming in May 2014 in North India with just weekly placement of 80,000 broilers and in the span of eleven months, we have reached at the weekly placement of 4, 00,000 IB Ross broiler chicks (monthly placement of 1.6 million) having tie-up with six Hatchery Units for the custom hatching of IB Ross hatching eggs for supplying IB Ross chicks to farmers attached with IB Partnership Farming.”

IB Group has started its operations in this North India Region recently under its ‘Partnership Farming Arrangement’ and providing farmers with chick and 3.400 kg feed with a 2 kg live weight with 1.725 FCR. Besides, North India; compiling of Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan; IB Group entered with ‘Partnership Farming Agreement’ in Chhattisgarh itself along with other states including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

It may be recalled that in 2009, IB Group started concept of Partnership farming in which selected poultry farmers were supplied commercial chicks, feed and technical guidance. The broilers were lifted from their farms to sell at market outlets and farmers were given the specified amount depending upon their performance, as the remuneration.

In last six years more than 4000 broiler farmers have been associated with IB Group in Partnership farming and today IB Group successfully enjoys the monthly placement of more than six million broiler chicks in ten states. IB Group strong hold includes States of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orissa, West Bengal besides Chhattisgarh. IB Partnership farming is being promoted by a team of senior management through their regional branch offices.

Dr. P. S. Atkare is General Manager - Partnership farming and is based at IB Corporate office. According to Company, over the next 2 years, IB chicken will be available in fourteen states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttrakhand. By 2017, IB Group plans to start processing and will also get into ready-to-eat products.

Today, IB Group has more than 10 percent market share in North India and more and more poultry farmers are joining IB Partnership Farming as they are getting good results with minimum FCR and producing excellent results.

IB Hatchery Manager with 22 years practical experience, Tanmoy Saha started carrier in West Bengal presently handling and controlling six hatcheries in North India Zone was a calm and quiet person doing his duties with patience and supporting senior officers of the IB Group at the meet.

Parveen Jain from Haryana Zone – I with hatching capacity of 1, 70, 000 hatching eggs per week and likely to increase the capacity to 2, 10, 000 was a satisfied person with IB Group. While talking to POULTRY EXPRESS, he assured that, “May be this is the world’s number one company in integration having Integrators /farmers having partnership arrangements with complete satisfaction.”

Another Integrator in Haryana’s Zone –I, Vikas looking after Kaithal area of Haryana with 2.5 lacs chicks per month also said the same verdict for IB Group. Similarly taking care of IB Partnership Farming in Kaithal, Vikas has further plans to expand the IB Partnership farming in Ambala too.

Another Integrator from Punjab looking after Patiala and Sangrur area; Raj Pal Nain just entered in the band wagon of IB Group started with 80, 000 chicks per month. He was of the view to increase his capacity to 10 lac and start another unit to achieve the target.

Parminder Malik , looking after Hanuman Garh and Jhun Jhunu district of Rajasthan. Presently with 60,000 chicks capacity and planning to double the capacity up to 1, 20, 000 chicks, he was targeting Seekar district area farmers also in his kitty.

“Chicken Ka Boss – IB Ross,” chanting this slogan always; the First ever Client of IB Group, having its Breeding Farm in Hansi; Mukesh is looking after Sonipat & Panipat districts of Haryana. He owns his hatchery under ‘Custom Hatchery Program’ with IB Group with 1, 50, 000 settings per week.

Mukesh started his career in this poultry segment as Integrator in the year 2005 and finally settled with IB Group. Seeing the performance of IB Ross chicken, he settled himself as well as motivated all known nears and dear persons of his area, locality and districts in towards ‘Partnership Farming’ of IB Ross Group. Finally Mukesh said after getting involved with IB Group, “Maujah Hi Maujah”.

Similarly, Captain of ZONE – II, Deepender looking after Rohtak, Jind & Bhiwani of Haryana stated just one thing, “All is Well.”

Sunil Malik of Haryana Zone – IV with 22 years practical experience is looking after Kurukshetra and Karnal districts recently joined this Group. Already being a poultry farmer with 40, 000 capacity of farm, he relieved third lot of 40, 000 each capacity under IB Group and feel fully satisfied. While speaking to media, he said, “I received maximum return under this program and motivating my other family members to bring them under IB Group’s stream successfully.”

Poultry Farmer, Jagbeer Goyat is a successful farmer and ‘Best Performer’ of the IB Group. He spoke to ‘POULTRY EXPRESS’ and stated that without investing any penny, he completed 4th flock of 5, 000 chicks each successfully and he earned one lac of rupees per flock. He showed the return between Rupees 8 to 11 but average Rupees 9 per kg. Now Jagbeer is planning for further expansion program in which he will construct one more shed with 6, 000 birds capacity.

Among these Zone Captains, only Jagbeer Goyat, a small poultry farmer received a ‘Best Performer’ Award from IB Group’s Raipur meet, where farmers were taken for a ride to Raipur Unit of IB Group. Even for justification of market trends, these farmers were taken to Nagpur Open House and were shown all programming of IB Group in detail for justification.

It is also stated that IB – Integration Ventures under IB-Parent Integration is a successful venture and now the scene has changed and poultry farmers and even some other breeders are in the queue to be taken into IB Group’s Band Wagon for more requirement if persist or if market demands would be there?

Finally, when Editor, POULTRY EXPRESS asked these Poultry farmers as why they feel satisfied and happy with IB Group? The answer was in a positive tone and majority of them stated that there is no comparison in Quality of chick and feed.

One poultry farmer, Mukesh Ji in against a question fired another question and said, “Why Farmer is happy? Simple, we feel ownership system with IB Group as compared to other companies. IB Group’s Managing Director sits along with us and we feel fully satisfied with his nature. In big companies, we don’t know the owner face to face; but here the Managing Director of IB Group sits along with farmers and they feel humble when he calls majority of them by their name even. ”

Giving a feeling of Partnership being beneficial, another farmer Parveen Jain of Haryana Zone – I said, “Whenever Bahadur Bhai comes to North India, he always tries to interact with each and every farmer with a motive that “If Farmer survives, the Group will survive.”

Dr. Mangesh Bhure, Business Development Manager, IB Group, giving technical presentation to IB Partnership Farming Team Members from Punjab, Rajasthan and Haryana

Before starting IB Partnership farming in north India, last year some of the leading poultry farmers from North were taken to Nagpur to interact with Dr. Sandeep Thoke, heading the Nagpur based IB office, showed them IB partnership farming in Vidharba area where IB Group has around two million broilers under partnership farming. This was followed by a visit to IB Corporate office in Rajnandgaon where they were shown IB Feed Plant and other operations.

Ricky Thaper added that farmers are very happy in IB Partnership Farming as they feel ownership system with IB Group. IB Group’s Senior Management regularly meets with farmers and interacts frequently with a motive “If Farmer survives and makes money, the Group will expand further to new heights”.

Ricky Thaper and all his IB team members from North appreciated the guidance and support from Mr. Bahadur Ali, MD IB Group in expanding IB Partnership Farming in North India. Mr. Thaper appreciated the marketing assistance and support they received from Mr. Parvez Khurshid, GM (Marketing). The North India team expressed their gratitude for all the required technical & management support from Mr. Sultan Ali, Chairman, Dr. Ravindra Jaiswal, President, IB Group, Mr. Anjum Alvi, Director, Dr. CR Behl, Vice-President, Dr, Om Prakash Singh, GM (Breeder & Hatchery), Dr. D. D. Dubey, AGM (Nutrition), Dr. Om Prakash Singh, Mr. Abdul Rajjak, Mr. Manoj Ahuja, GM (Finance) Mr. Ajith Mani (HR Head), Mr. Mangesh Mankar (ABIS Feeds), Mr. Sushil Lore, Senior Manager (Hatchery Operations), Mr. Asif, Mr. Juned Qazi, Mr. Rizwan, Mr. Subhash, Mr. Kamal Jhawar, Mr. Ratnesh Pashine and other IB staff from IB Corporate office and IB Offices in Nagpur and Raipur.

Ricky Thaper with Dr. Ravindra Jaiswal, President & Mr. Bahadur Ali, MD IB Group
While concluding, Mr. Ricky Thaper said ”What I have learnt from Mr. Bahadur Ali is that In India, there is no dearth of money, no dearth of market, only we need people who want to work on something”. You have to find some line of business and put your energy into that. There are no barriers in ambition or indeed implementation. There is no fear in growing the business. It is like making poultry as a huge business empire. Most of Mr. Bahadur Ali’s endeavors have led to the large scale expansion of IB Group. With a wonderful team led by efficient leaders, the upcoming poultry projects will be all the more exciting, sure to be the pillars for the growth of IB Group.

IB Group is one of the leading and renowned corporate Agribusiness group based in Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh with an annual turnover exceeding 3000 crore rupees. IB Group Brand ‘ABIS’ has reached new heights with a vision and the acceptance among the people they serve. Today more than 8000 persons are working for IB Group (Includes direct and indirect employees, consultants, permanent employees, interns).

IB Corporate Office

IB Group Team

A strong thrust on R&D, consistent automation, up-gradation of process and a dynamic team of innovative thinkers under the guidance of Mr. Bahadur Ali, Managing Director, have enabled the IB Group to provide value to its customers. Mr. Bahadur Ali has been a visionary and has been successful in leading the organization through its capricious journey.

IB Partnership Farming
The IB Group has benefitted immensely due to Mr. Bahadur Ali’s exceptional foresight and enthusiasm and today Mr. Bahadur Ali forms an invincible backbone to the group. An erstwhile dream has bloomed today as an enterprise to watch out and Mr. Bahadur Ali attributes this success solely to his passionate employees.

IB Ross Logo

IB Feed Plant

Through numerous business expansion plans and international partnerships in the pipeline, It is Bahadur Ali’s ambition to make IB Group the most sought after protein Production Company in the country.

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