How Much are We Safe in Non-Vegetarian Sector???

Recently, a report came in electronic media that:

Chicken Biryani will spoil your Body;

Chicken Curry would be Fatal in your House;

Tandoori Chicken will give serious ailment;

Chicken, a rich source of Protein now act as a Killer Chicken Warning: Think 100 Times before eating chicken as it has become poisonous;

These are some of the comments displayed in one of the electronic Medias, with farm house photographs as chicks are being injected with OXYTOCIN. Moreover, in the same state, Day Old Chicks are being intoxicated with local brand liquor mixed with water to reduce the cost of operation in nurturing these chicks and avoid costly medicine in lieu thereof.

What is the role of Government Machinery to curtail the nefarious activities by a few people whose only motto in their life is to mint money either by hook or crook!!!! Is there any association of Veterinarian community to have a check on these activities? Are they not in a position to rectify these problems which are coming in a big way in near future?

Is Poultry Media not capable of highlighting this kind of activities in the poultry sector and compel the authorities to take some positive steps and stringent action against alleged culprits?

What is the role of Municipalities, Health Department, Food Inspectors etc. if general public is forced to consume the adulterated food under their jurisdiction? Even Health department of each Town, District, State and the Country as a whole appear to be paralyzed otherwise how a person can dare in open to show off their activities in electronic media?

If these malafide intentioned people indulged in so called nefarious activities of adulteration and the Inspectorate of this country are not willing to take action against them; then both the categories are equally responsible and action should be taken against both. This is SHAME for us that we are despite willing to take action against these alleged culprits; we are not in a position to do so. We are law abiding citizens and don’t want to play with Law & Order of this country, but IS THIS NOT OUR MORAL DUTY TO FORCE OUR CONCERNED OFFICERS TO TAKE EFFECTIVE POSITIVE ACTION so that the alleged culprits think twice before going into this type of crime towards humanity.

Moreover, in the same state, just 80 kms from Delhi, these poultry farm owners are saving their huge amount of medicine bills and are providing water mixed with local country made liquor to these Day Old Chicks and thus are making huge profits much more than their expectations. Where this industry is going just for the lust of money? Why we persist playing with lives of human beings for just for monetary gains?

Why the officials concerned are not interested to take action against these so called culprits of human beings?

Instead of fighting in Parliament and outside along with social leaders like Anna Hazare and so called Yog Guru Baba Ramdev, our MPs should come out first for common man’s support in providing fresh air, water and eatables, which is a must and right for every person in our democratic country. As more than 60 years have passed after getting independence, still we have no specific law for punishing this type of offenders. When we would be in a position to supply good environment and food to our coming generations?

The conference of Veterinarians commencing in Bangalore should take some positive steps to eradicate this type of menace in the poultry industry as maximum veterinarians are visiting these farms as consultants and they can easily detect the difference and make this cheap and best diet in Protein sector to make available as before.


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