WORKSHOP ON “Global competitiveness and Meat safety” ORGANIZED BY VARSHA GROUP.

Global competition and consumer safety are the two issues or challenges which our poultry industry needs to address. With these news & Rumours in the air, the Apex Food Regulator, FSSAI, fresh from their onslaught on Noodles has now started putting Meat & Meat Products under their Scanner. Recent WTO issues on US chicken leg opened a new challenge andhave brought our Industry into a negative light. Of course ever changing market prices of meat, more retail price and consumer dynamics has been a routine issue. 

These developments and the challenges that would throw up to our Industry in the days to come, led VARSHA GROUP  to organize a Special Programme  on “ GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS AND SAFE MEAT PRODUCTION”, on  7th October, 2015, at Hotel Lalith Ashok, Bengaluru.  This was attended by nearly 30 Top integrators representing almost 60 % of Indian broiler industry.

Dr. B.P. Manjunatha, Gen. Manager – Marketing of VARSHA GROUP
opened the discussion with an “INDUSTRY OVERVIEW” . Dr Manjunatha ,in his presentation narrated the consumer dynamics: age group, Rural v/s urban income, shift on white meat consumption happening in each state etc. He also underlined the need for clarifying a very wrong accusation (like steroids or hormones used to grow chicken) in Leading Newspapers like Deccan Herald, Times of India, The Hindu,  Business Line, Business Standard, Economic Times, a number of Local Language Dailies in and leading visual media needs to be responded. General apathy on these issues makes consumer tend to believe the news.

 A Presentation on ‘SAFE  MEAT PRODUCTION through GUT HEALTH, by  Dr. Maarten DeGussem, MD and Chief Consultant Of M/s. Vetworks,Belgium, a Group of Specialists , working wholly on GUT PHYSIOLOGY in Poultry. Dr. Gussem, who has a Chequered career as a Research Scientist, Veterinary Physician with vast worldwide commercial exposure ,dedicated his career to studying the CHICKEN GUT and its importance in  the Production of,  “Safe Meat”.

In his presentation Dr. Gussem dealt with global data on cost of growing, how technology is becoming important, what are the challenges in producing the safe meat, how gut health is important and advantages v/v limitations of various feed additives and supplements.

The Presentations were greatly appreciated by the Delegates who spent considerable time discussing with Dr. Maarten De Gussem and Dr. B.P. Manjunatha on the subject of Meat Safety and its implications on the Indian Poultry Industry, during the Tea Breaks, Lunch and Dinner.

Mr. H.K. Nanjaiah, CEO of VARSHA GROUP and Mr. Girish Nanjaih, interacted with the Delegates and exchanging notes and pleasantries.

Delegates visited the modern production facility with QA and QC and are impressed and whole heartedly appreciated.




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