Are State Government Authorities responsible for creating some panic in the smooth running poultry industry to shield their lackluster performance in the name of Bird Flu?

The answer to this tedious and rather mingled question appears somehow up to certain extent positive!

Recently in Agartala, a North Eastern city of India, where some ducks were affected with Avian Influenza (AI), the immediate reaction of one Additional Director (Planning) of Directorate of Animal Husbandry department, as an advice to Indian poultry industry up to Andhra Pradesh circle, created an explosive situation.

The said officer’s interview and version to some foreign media site catches the fire and even the poultry media of Argentina published the same news and advice of the concerned officer which created panic in the whole poultry industry.

But the question is that Andhra Pradesh State, which is thousand miles away from the “Bird Flu” site, why the concerned additional director was worried about only Andhra and not even Assam, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa & Bengal and other states nearer to that site?

Moreover one more question arises from the industry that why AI always comes before the closing of financial years of Indian economy and that too particularly in North Eastern States?

Are those areas “Bird Flu” prone or the senior Government officers cannot review the exact losses in the interiors?

News of Bird Flu spread in Japan where more than three to four lacs of birds were culled. Countries closely like Indonesia, Bangladesh and even Pakistan are having news of Bird Flu, but rarely heard.

However, impact of small Bird Flu news and that too on ducks publicized in India in such an explosive manner, that it spreads all over the world first and people of this country know later.

The time has come to re-consider the policies implemented by the Government departments on the subject matter.

The senior officers of Animal Husbandry Department of Government of India are also requested to keep their system of working for the betterment of the economy but not to create any undue panic.

Even the farmers have to decide the fate of their existence if they are not keen to keep their farms’ bio-security and hygienic system, else, each year they will face the havoc of ”Bird Flu,” which will put a brake on the acceleration and growth of this industry in particular.


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