Who Is The Winner In PFI Elections?

Who Is The Winner In PFI Elections?
The Present OR The Predecessor Team:

The coming days for the animal industry in general and poultry industry in particular, would be crucial.due to imposing of The Animal Welfare Act- 2011, which has been sent in March 2011 to State Governments by the Government of India for implementation will create a hardship for this industry, if some proper and suitable action according to this act would not be taken seriously by the new team of Poultry Federation of India.

May be this was the only reason as the whole previous team surrendered to make way for the new team to face these type of hardships, for which probably they might not be aware of the facts.

The new Animal Welfare Act – 2011, being inacted by India's Minister of Environment and Forests, Mr. Jairam Ramesh, is poised to replace the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act - 1960.

However, the new minister, Ms. Jayanti Natarajan, who has taken charge, is more animal lover and friendly, to whom it would a 'TEHRI KHEER' to convince her to carry the material from Haryana, Punjab to Delhi Ghazipur mandi for slaughtering etc.

In 1960, India was among the first countries in the world to pass a national act for the protection of animals. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals At - 1960, however, lacked strong and effective penalties. This lack is remedied in the new act being put forward, which will much more easily lend itself to enforcement and will more readily ensure that animals in India are protected from suffering and ill-treatment.

The new Act will impose stiffer penalties and it will be easier to enforce, with more precise definitions of what constitutes animal abuse. This will mean less room for guesswork on the part of law enforcement agencies.

The new law states that a person in charge of an animal is responsible for seeing that the animal does not suffer, and notes the generally-accepted five freedoms for an animal: freedom from thirst and hunger; freedom from discomfort, including access to shelter and a place to rest; freedom from pain, injury, and sickness, including prompt veterinary care; freedom to express normal behavior for that species, including adequate space for natural movement and the company of the animal's own kind; freedom from fear and distress, meaning that good treatment is required.

The new act will prohibit transport of animals in vehicles that cause injury; as pick-up trucks overloaded with animals could be seen often on Indian roads.

Any form of animal fighting is prohibited. Breeding and selling of animals will be regulated by the Animal Welfare Board of India, the national Board which is charged with protecting all Indian

Section V of the draft covers Animal Experimentation, and Section VI covers Performing Animals. Both these sections include much stricter regulations to alleviate the suffering of animals, and they define penalties for infraction.

When it is made into an act by the Parliament of India "The prevention of Cruelty Act 1960" shall stand repealed. It also means new provisions will be in force in respect of fines & punishments.
The State Goverments have been asked to frame the rules.

Governments of Nagaland, Goa & Union Territory Chandigarh has started taking action under this act and issued orders for its implementation to veterinarians under concerned SPCAs to ensure
that the state's egg producers comply with the Animal Welfare Board of India's order to immediately discontinue starvation force molting regimes, and to initiate appropriate corrective measures against
egg producers still employing this practice.

May be State Governments of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi are in the queue.

You must be aware of the fact that the previous management of PFI team stated to be not in a mood to act on this issue and kept their eyes closed on these important issues.

It is high time that PFI should take up the issues with the Delhi state at this stage otherwise in the future course of time, it might be difficult to transport the birds etc to the Ghazipur mandi/slaughter houses.

The President should make a taskforce to go through the relevent chapter IV, No 17 (d) & (e) in page 11 of the said act & even take opinion from a Law expert to safeguard the interest of their fellow

But who will Bell the Cat!!!!!

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