India is the third largest producer of eggs and fifth largest producer of poultry meat in the world. These are the results of a recent USDA review in which, Chicken meat production in India was ranked 6th in the world in 2011. Though not a major career option yet, students will get to study how to raise and manage healthy chickens, turkeys, and ducks for eggs or meat and about animal nutrition and food science.

Because, majority of the units in which poultry is being reared are just working on hit and trial methods and in the integration part, they are just doing security. Our poultry farmers are not fully equipped with latest developments in this sector and they do whatever suggests them. Instead of seeking advice from the veterinarian, first of all they just go to their known person and after not getting results as per their choice, then call some experienced person who is already in this line for more than five to 10 years and finally call the veterinarian if at all everything failed. By the time, it is being too late so the veterinarian also has no work to do except the hands up in these situations.

There is scarcity and shortage of veterinarians in this country. See the example of some of the Universities/ Institutes/units working in this poultry sector.

Central Avian Research Institute:
Commonly known as CARI, the Postgraduate Education and Training section offers a Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc) and PhD degrees in Poultry Science. The programs are offered through the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, UP. The intake for MVSc and PhD students is 10 and six. Some subjects include Fundamentals of Poultry Products Technology, Principles of Poultry Nutrition, Fresh and Processed Poultry Meat Technology, Avian Molecular Genetics and Protein Utilisation by Poultry.

Out of these 10 & 6, very few will come out in the open fields rather majority of them would be absorbed by these universities only giving a vaccum to this industry.

Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University:
The Department of Poultry Science offers BVSc and MVSc courses in the subject. Avian production management, Commercial poultry production and hatchery management, Diversified poultry production and current concepts in poultry management and marketing, Poultry breeding and genetics, Poultry products technology and marketing, Physiology of poultry production, Developments in poultry products technology and Poultry economics, marketing and integration are some subjects you will study at the university.

Such a big state and leading producers of eggs, broiler meat in India, 2nd after Andhra Pradesh (Now divided in to two parts- AP &Telangana) and with a single University. That is why the scarcity atmosphere all over the country persists.

Bombay Veterinary College:
The Poultry Science Department of this Mumbai-based College was earlier a constituent college of KonkanKrishiVidyapeeth, Dapoli, and now is a constituent College of Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University, Nagpur. They offer an MVSc in Poultry Science. Intake is limited to nine.

Again the same remark, by the time these veterinarians become ready to work, they are being taken by these units leaving a blank space for the veterinarians to work in the open. Such a big country and there is limitation of superior courses for students just below double digits mark.

It is hard luck for the students who are interested to work and dedicate their life in the poultry science are not even eligible due to a wrong policy adopted by the Government of India in which only 15 percent can enter through all over India test conducted by Veterinary Council of India and the rest of the quota is being filled by the state Government, irrespective of the fact that the student who is opting this course is serious in that or just taking admission in this course as he is not getting in any other stream in the medical part.

And those states, having veterinary universities, colleges are free to fill rest of the 85 percent quota, irrespective of the fact that students are not up to the mark. Why this is going on unabated from years to years.

Think of those states and fate of students, in which no veterinary college is available and students are at the mercy of just 15 percent quota of VCI only. The test is conducted all over India and a merit list of just 500 students prepared. Out of that around 100 or so are stated to be taken in the veterinary colleges and the rest of them seek in other streams, even not interested for those courses, but they have to do something for their future and with no choice they have to suffer.

Is there any policy being adopted by VCI to check and make some changes for the future of some of the genuine students?Certainly not, then why is it so?

Recently the Editor, POULTRY EXPRESS visited International Poultry Processing Exhibition in Atlanta in USA. He was surprised to see 10 Universities having their booths and they were luring students and their parents or people visiting the show and taking opportunity to approach them for their wards for poultry courses.

But on the contrary, India is holding lines and lines for waiting students for these particular poultry and other veterinary courses. Is there any solution of these lines for our VCI of India?

Is VCI not interested to provide veterinarian at large so that Indian poultry farmers, who are lacking this professionalism and latest developments being adopted by other farmers all over the world would be utilized by them also?

When these universities were formed, at that time, growth of business was slow. Everywhere in the country, there was backyard poultry. Within a span of 50 years, time has changed and now as we are leading in eggs & broiler meat production, there is an ample scope and demand for veterinarians and the VCI of India has to think seriously on this subject……


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